In Early Mourning

by The Theatre Zombies

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released May 1, 2014

Rob Harms Belmont: Vocals and Guitars
Michael Van Buren: Bass and Backing Vocals
Tommy Tran: Drums and Gang Vocals

Guest Vocals (Stitch Me Together/Dear Christine)
performed by Ashley Ball
Piano performed by Ashley Ball

All songs written by Rob Harms
except Under the Boardwalk by Mike Harms and Rob Harms.
All songs arranged by Rob Harms, Mike Harms, and Tommy Tran.
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Tom Gardner



all rights reserved


The Theatre Zombies Stratford, Connecticut

The kings of Pop-Punk/Horror-Rock/Pseudo-Metal

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Track Name: Dorsia
I wanna see your blood.
Watch it pour right down my fucking wall.
Look into cold dead eyes.
And see the monster lurking deep inside.

My chainsaw plays melodies
off of your bones like piano keys.
I wanna see what you look like on the inside.
Oh yeah.

I've reached the verge so soon.
The frenzy takes control.
I must kill you.
My wretched life's on track.
The fiend is out and there's just no turning back.

There can be no catharsis here.
No punishment will ever fit my crime.
The life I lead is just a lie.
Track Name: Stitch Me Together
Before I met you I was a pile of leaves. (Just some leaves.)
Just some stray and some hay
nothing inside of me. (Inside of me)

But then you came along, and whispered your love to me.
Gave me your heart.

Stitch me, stitch me together.
You gave me a life, to live forever.

We've watched the sunrise and laid out on the fields. (On the fields)
But you've grown older, something I never will. (I never will)

But then that dreaded day came, where you did pass away.
You left me all alone my dear.
I've thought it over. Over a million times.
So now I'll lay right by your side.
For eternity.
Track Name: Bring Me The Bride
I want you to go to the graveyard.
So many choices to see.
I want you to use the best parts to build a bride for me.
I want a beautiful bride.

Bring me the bride of frankenstein. (The bride of frankenstein)
Bring me the bride of frankenstein. (Bring me the bride)
Bring me the bride of frankenstein.

I can't believe I'm so in love. Beauty's met her beast.
But she rejects me so, my fury is unleashed.
On this night, we will die.

I'll pull the switch to take away the lies, the hell he made.
We're the failures of a brilliant mind.
The dead return to life.
Abomination the name is I.
Track Name: Riding in Circles
Can you tell me the way to shell beach?
Is there any road that goes that way?
I seem to have lost my memory.
There's nothing in my way.
There's nothing in my way.
There's nothing in my...

This darkness is killing me.
The darkness of the city.
This darkness is killing me.
Don't let it kill you too.
Kill you too.

When's the last time you saw the daylight
creeping in through your window shades?
I spend my time just riding trains.
All the goddamn day.
Every fucking day.
Just riding in circles.

And now the time has come for me to leave this all behind.
All the darkness, all the hatred that I have kept inside.
Took a chance on the rails.
Dead as dead. Oh well.
Cause there was no escape from hell.
Track Name: Belfry Reverie
Unwanted, untrusted, pitiful am I. (so pitiful)
I will ring this bell so loud to cover up my cries.
My visage tormented, on no one I'll rely.

So I'll ring this bell, to drown my pain away.
To drown my pain away.
To drown my pain away.

I will dream of reverie
where no one has a whip or chain on me.
I'll dream of reverie
where no one has a whip or chain on me
and I will carry on.

Hot tempered, unnecessary, I grow wearier in time.
Not normal but allowed.
A death would be sublime.
Broke once, broke twice
but I am still alive.

There's a void inside my chest that grows bigger everyday.
This loveless existence I will no longer tolerate.
I will sacrifice myself for the only ones who care.
For the dreams we had. Oh the dreams we shared.

I will dream that we were one
together we'd walk into the sun.
I'll dream that we were one
together we'd walk into the sun
but I can't carry on.
Track Name: Zombies! Whoa oh!
I have this nightmare every night
where the living dead
they tear away my flesh.
Look outside and realize it is no dream.
The nightmare's become real.
No escape from the living dead.

Zombies please go go, go away, hey hey.

There's something wrong with the world today
ordinary people are turning to this way.
The truth is far more frightening than you would think.
Slaves we have become.
No escape from the living dead.

There's no light behind their eyes.
No reaction to your panic cry.
You cling to life but your soul it fades away.
Hey! Hey!
Track Name: Under the Boardwalk
My baby went to Venice Beach.
From side to side she swayed her hips so effortlessly.
She liked to dance down on the sand
but she fell victim to his plan.
Oh no!

You won't wanna go underneath the boardwalk
where the bodies float and nobody knows. (No one knows)
You won't wanna go underneath the boardwalk
where the bodies float and nobody knows.

I went out west to find my girl.
Revealed the horrors hidden in this twisted world.
A madman went out on attack
led by a scientist who had an evil past.
Track Name: Dormant Souls
I can feel it underneath the floor boards
like a whisper in my ear.
But the rain keeps falling down on me.
I see my hands they tremble.
Blood splattered black on me.
Oh no. What evil have I unleashed on us?

I'm sorry.
Send back the evil here.
Cast away my fears.
Send back the evil here.
Let dormant souls rest for years.

Forlorn the demon spawn will wander free again.
Free again.
Never should have read from that book.
So now my heart it will fade away like awaking from a dream.
There's no remnants left of my human being.

My friends are all dead.
They could not survive.
The demon soul in me's alive.
I'm losing control.
The grip on my mind.
This evil's welling up in...
Track Name: Frozen Heart
She's the only one and I miss her everyday
but I know that I won't ever be the same. (be the same).
Her deadly bite, that sweetest kiss, gave me this life of endlessness.

But now I go into the great beyond.
What is this life for anyway?
I just keep making mistakes.
What is this life for anyway?
I drive myself insane for your love.

And now that I've become a creature of the night
I've come to grips with the pain that feel inside. (feel inside)
My frozen heart, my vivid stare.
I could be anyone and anywhere.

And all I want is to be with you forever more.
And all I dream is to feel your arms embrace my heart.
Embrace my heart.
Track Name: Dear Christine
I learned how to play the piano when I was only five.
My mother cried.
Always knew that I was so hideous.
Disguise my face, so everyone hears my voice.

So now I call to you my love.
Don't stare. Please don't be afraid.

As gruesome as I can be
my talent has and always will set free
the beauty kept within me
that no one sees, but everyone hears my voice.

And now I call to you Christine.
It's you out on that stage but it's my heart in a rage.
Will you please return all my love?
Or watch this opera house go down in flames and blood.

Flames and blood!

My dear Christine betrayed me
unmasked my soul and colored me red with death.
Tormented and forgotten.
Just broken heart that will never mend.
Track Name: Maddy Ferguson
You'll hear that hollow scream across the sky tonight
that sends a shiver right down your spine.
And everyone will stop and wonder why
why Laura died.

But no one will understand the truth
about a girl who got lost in the woods.
Corrupted by so many things but who's to blame?

Don't go away
for Laura's heart it does remain.

There's a man from another time and place.
A giant that speaks in riddle games.
And everyone will try so hard to find
why Laura died.