A Name Whispered In Fear

by The Theatre Zombies

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released June 26, 2016

The Theatre Zombies are:

Rob Harms Belmont: Guitar/Lead Vocals
Michael Van Buren: Bass/Backing Vocals
Tommy Tran: Drums/Backing Vocals

With support from:

Ashley Ball: Backing and Harmony Vocals/Piano
Tom Gardner: Acoustic Guitar
Mike Paulus: Additional Vocals

Produced by Tom Gardner.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tom Gardner.

All songs written by Rob Harms.
Songs arranged by Rob Harms, Mike Harms, and Tommy Tran.
All songs performed by The Theatre Zombies



all rights reserved


The Theatre Zombies Stratford, Connecticut

The kings of Pop-Punk/Horror-Rock/Pseudo-Metal

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Track Name: Blood Rapture
We've angered the old ones.
Brought upon ourselves their vengeful wrath.
Is there a path to awakening?
I wish to be free from this horrid dream.

And I will bathe in blood.
Become the terror that walks these streets.
ascend to take on the throne of god.
and be reborn an immortal one.

and will they remember my name?
The legend of a vile hunter.

I am the blood rapture.
I am the new god.
I am the blood rapture.
Pray to your son.
pray to your new sun.

Defiled my one love.
Awakened the beast inside my soul.
A poison now courses in my veins.
It's twisting my mind to go insane.

Keeps whispering in my ear.
Telling me to kill and kill again.
A blood lust that will never cease.
A plague that rots inside of me.

You will bear witness.
To the new age.
You will bear witness.
To the new age.
new age.
be remade.
Track Name: Nostromo
You feel the pain that grows inside
Just tell me why?
Suddenly your world turns upside down
consumed with lies
Soon it will erupt and sin will rear its ugly face
the monster you held inside is who you truly are
and who you will become

Whoa oh oh
The Nostromo
Whoa oh oh
You're fearing for your life
trapped inside this hive
whoa oh oh
the eggs they are alive
and they're inside
they're inside
inside of you

The incubation it is over and the birth awaits
it's a metaphor for everything that we will hate
cross your finger and then hope and wish that you'll survive
no one understands the truth behind their words
your screams are never heard
Track Name: Cool Air
Walking up those stairs I had a painful fright.
A man that's locked behind cold doors.
They say he can cure any ailment
Or is he just a mad doctor?

I feel the cool air rushing in.
The zombifyed corpse of my only friend.
Extended his life far beyond the norm they say.

I became so curious about
a winter's chill that came in summer.
Is it me or does he deteriorate?
Will he last another day?

A pool of black sludge is all that remains
of my dear old friend who tried to hide away his pain.
You can not stave off death forever this I learned
from my friend the dear doctor.
Track Name: Nancy's Diary
What's that lurking?
What's that hiding behind closed doors?
Every house in this neighborhood has something that they mourn.

Is it all inside my head or is there something to the rumors they said?
That they said.

Are you afraid of the dark?
Are you afraid of the dark?
Don't go into it on your own
shrouded in darkness you'll never be alone.

You'd be mistaken if you think that this warning's just a game.
So many children have gone missing.
A growing list of names.

We will turn the night away and banish away the dark.
Every time I look at you my soul it falls apart.
Dry away your tears my love.
Today will be ok.
We will keep the evil one at bay, this way.
Track Name: Iron Price
Everything we own.
we will never sow.
cross the world on an iron fleet.
watch as they fall to their knees.

and will they pay the iron price?
what are you willing to sacrifice?
will they pay the iron price?
the waters claim another life.

what is.
may never.
what is dead may never die.

what is.
may never.
what is dead may never die.

from the ocean floor.
an angry god he roar.
beneath the waves his arms they reach.
to flood the world with a blood red sea.

In these watery halls
you know your salvation waits.

In these watery halls
you know your salvation waits.

A world that's locked in war.
keeps raging on the shore.
a devil's race we must complete.
To steal away with the silver queen.
Track Name: No One Left
Feel the rope it clenches on so tight.
around your neck you feel it bite.
no words can save you from your strife.
the pious, avenging lies.
everywhere they see a ghost or shade.
and in their nightmares faith betrayed.
when all are dead who will they judge?
judge themselves. what have they done?
what have they...

say the word and see this city fall.
there's no one left to sing at all.
say the word and see this city fall.
the city fall on us.

there comes a time when someone must stand up.
against the false and the corrupt.
who will be our hero now?
please come quick before we drown.
and in the darkness comes a day.
a glowing ember sends out waves.
a true leader finally arrived.
will he save us from this night?
will he?
Track Name: Black Sails
The people in this town
they live in fear
never knowing when they'll appear.
Ghosts full of rage from long ago.

Hear the creaks and the cracks of their ship.
Your village they'll pillage it.
On the back of the wind you know they ride.

When the waves they crash along the shore
everyone will run and lock their door
or else they face the undead horde.

See the black sails on the horizon.
Watch the water turn right into blood.
Feel the panic grow as the night it falls and the captain calls.

It's been some time but now they're here.
See the spectral host off the pier.
Better hold your breath, it was foretold.

And now your stuck in their icy grip.
Those hollow eyes you must admit
would cause the bravest man to cry.
Track Name: Within Reach
It ain't a mystery you'll see
why this town enveloped me
distorted my reality
a place where you would never want to go
is this hell or purgatory or the end of my old story?
the fog is rolling in

I'm staring in the mirror but who could that be?
this silence is suffocating me
reflection of evil is all I can see
hell is within reach

The time is running out for me
All this abnormality
I'm questioning my memory
horrors they begin to manifest
what is done can't be undone
there's no escape you can not run
for now
the walls are closing in

I'm stuck in an elevator
going down
going down to hell
Track Name: No Voyage Home
The waves are crashing
a storm is coming
the fear is taking hold
a curse-ed cargo
with no tomorrow
the ship it carries on

no voyage home
reduced to ash and bone
no voyage home
the demeter keeps going
well it's going strong
no voyage home

A coffin opens
now death is stalking
a plague of rats they swarm
the crew is missing
and who will listen
a scream that serves to warn

This curse has spread across the sea
made its way to humble Germany
its citizens drop like flies
no one know just how or why they died
except that freight came last night
harbinger of death or so they cried
so they cried
Track Name: Winslow
I never knew what true terror was
until I saw the end in front of me
and now all I wanna hear is that swan song once again

but who will play it for me?
guess I'll just play it for myself.

as the phantom I rule in the paradise
my music brings fire alive
as the phantom i rule in the paradise
a killer's oath

beneath this cold hard steel I'm leather bound and shackled to the floor
cursed to write the songs for the devil's son
he lasts forever more

who will play it for me?
guess I'll just play it for myself.
Track Name: House of Ancient Evil
This place was built for the tomb of a vampire.
His rule is strict and consuming in hellfire.
You're hypnotized by the power that he holds.
It grows.

Now darkness stirs upon that hill.
Nothing lives there but an evil force.
And then the rain comes down.
Drowning everyone in town.

There's no escape from the marsten house.
In the basement lurks an ancient evil.
No escape from the marsten house.
In the basement lurks an ancient evil.

The master's left his mark on another.
Time to cast aside the relics of the father.
To face death or endure all this hunger.
It grows.

Tell me was it worth all the struggle?
The master's dead but the evil won't follow.
Where there's light there will always be a shadow.
It grows.
Track Name: Recently Deceased
There's a house in Winter River where the ghosts are alive
in the basement there's a dark room where she likes to hide
her parents question the paranormal things that cause the fright
but the spirits have arrived
to dance all night

for you
for me
for you
for me
the recently deceased

What can we do to scare away the living and their friends?
now that you're dead do anything is what she said
but something's wrong these people they just won't give in
cause the spirits have arrived
to dance all night

But then there's Lydia
writing away in her diary at night
my dear friend Lydia
take my hand
and forget the pains of life

cause the spirits have arrived
to dance all night
Track Name: Kincaid
His eyes are cold.
a smile hides what lives behind.
A broken home.
His motivation
a twisted mind.

He's the butcher so be afraid.
Listen for the jingle his truck makes.
He's the butcher so be afraid.
Keep your children far far away.

He has no soul.
Every parent's nightmare come to life.
One of hell's own.
Child killer lies to quell the fright.

He hides in plain sight.
A monster among us.
He can't be controlled.
an urge that can't be stopped.
There's only one way to put an end to it.
Put a bullet in his brain.
sure as shit he won't be missed.